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Urban, Metallic, Star or Flow designs to widen creative options

  • Commercial Flooring
  • Linoleum Flooring
  • Made of 98% natural (bio based and mineral) and 76% rapidly renewable materials
  • Up to 40% recycled content
  • Product certified by many eco-labels, including Blue Angel, M1, Floorscore and Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Silver
  • Exclusive Neocare™ surface treatment : best in class micro scratch and stain resistance, easy maintenance, no emissions
  • Hygienic properties : antibacterial activity (EN ISO 22196) and antiviral activity (ISO 21702)
  • New colors and designs :
    • Lino Art Urban : mix and match possibilities with Marmorette and Uni Walton
    • Lino Art Star : terrazzo design combined with vivid colors and neutral tones
    • Lino Art Metallic : unique terrazzo design, including sparkling inclusions
    • Lino Art Flow : striated design wth mix and match possibilities with Marmorette and Uni Walton


  1. Neocare™ Finish
  2. Calendered linoleum flooring
  3. Jute backing
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Results : 48

Design Type
Decor name
0001 Lemon Yellow

Format : Rolls

0005 Bamboo

Format : Rolls

0012 Waterfall

Format : Rolls

0015 Glaring Red

Format : Rolls

0020 Aqua Turquoise

Format : Rolls

0023 Blue Turquoise

Format : Rolls

0024 Magma

Format : Rolls

0025 Clear Blue

Format : Rolls

0030 Apple Green

Format : Rolls

0030 Rain

Format : Rolls

0036 Shaal Concrete

Format : Rolls

0043 Pulp Greige

Format : Rolls

0048 Travertin

Format : Rolls

0050 Grey Line

Format : Rolls

0059 Dusty Grey

Format : Rolls

0068 Bottle Green

Format : Rolls


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DLW Linoleum - Brochure
9,35 Mo
Welding Rod Portfolio - DLW Linoleum
801 Ko
Download Select
DLW Lino Art - Carte
1,51 Mo
Technical datasheets
Download Select
Lino Art - Technical Datasheet
217 Ko
Product description
Download Select
Lino Art - Product Description
64 Ko
Fire certificate
Download Select
Compact Linoleum 2.0 2.5 3.2 - Fire certificate
296 Ko
Installation guidelines contract
Download Select
304 - Laying Linoleum - Installation Guidelines
772 Ko
Maintenance instruction by product
Download Select
Linoleum floors - Damage Area Neocare - Maintenance instructions
110 Ko
Linoleum floors - Neocare - Maintenance instructions
243 Ko
Declaration of Performance
Download Select
Compact Linoleum 2,0 - 2.5 - 3,2 mm - DoP
734 Ko
Download Select
Cradle to Cradle Certified™ - Silver
673 Ko
EPD - Environmental Product Declarations
Download Select
Environmental Product Declaration - DLW Linoleum Compact
843 Ko

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