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Discover our solutions for awakening vigilance. Tactile strips are to be placed before a staircase to alert blind or visually impaired people. For more security, tactile strips and dots contribute to better signage. They must be installed in public spaces subject to accessibility standards. The Gerflor warning range offers 2 types of product: tactile dots or tactile tiles. Dots and tactile tiles are perfect for renovation projects and are easy to install thanks to the pre-adhesive backing.

As for the warning strips which are more suitable for new buildings, they can be hot welded with the floor covering for perfect hygiene. The warning range is available in different colors for better visual and tactile contrast. You can easily personalize your spaces while being sure of Gerflor quality. All our products are certified by independent bodies and have also undergone extensive internal testing. Gerflor is an eco-responsible manufacturer. We have implemented a recycling program for our products and manufacturing scraps. Gerflor's tactile strips are 100% recyclable.



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