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GERFLOR has an extensive catalogue of ESD flooring coverages. Reputed for their flexibility and durability, our ESD floors have been adopted by several industrialists as the best floors in their category.

Our Mipolam ranges offer dissipative and conductive flooring options which provide the ideal solution for healthcare institutions, intensive care and surgical suites, and electronic and high-tech industrial areas. The range has excellent cleaning characteristics, together with its anti-static and anti-bacterial properties, which has enhanced the reputation of this product.

The GTI EL5 Cleantech and Connect range offers all the benefits of a GTI Tile, yet it is enhanced with its Evercare™ treated smooth surface and electro-conductive properties. The ESD flooring option has been specifically developed for use in data centers, laboratories and cleanrooms needing quick renovation solutions.

DLW lino floorings are the perfect solution for every challenge. High traffic resistant and dissipating properties, these floor coverings are highly functional and environmentally friendly making them suitable for healthcare and manufacturing environments,

A large choice of colours, patterns and designs gives you plenty of scope to be creative with your own individual interior design.

Moreover, our ESD floorings guarantee comfort and performance along with an excellent resistance to chemical products. Do not hesitate to discover our ESD flooring ranges which are in compliance with international and European certifications.


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