Environment by Gerflor


Gerflor designs and manufactures sustainable floor and wall coverings that preserve the planet's resources and human health.


Built to last.

Resource scarcity and climate change are major challenges for humans, biodiversity and the planet. For many years, Gerflor has undertaken drastic initiatives to reduce energy and water consumption and improve the overall carbon footprint of its activities.

In addition, all Gerflor solutions are designed to protect the health and promote the well-being of users, in particular by ensuring a quality of indoor air well above standard requirements.

And finally, our company is fully committed to the Circular Economy, by investing in the eco-design of products and manufacturing lines, by guaranteeing exceptional product durability, and by ensuring the conditions for a second life, either through re-use or recycling.



Key figures




Our actions



Eco conception

      • 25% (average) of recycled content
      • 100% REACH raw materials
      • 95% recyclable materials
      • Bio-sourcing
      • LCA (Leed, HQE)
      • 64% of materials do not contribute to the scarcity of resources

Sustainable process

      • Carbon footprint -22% in 5 years
      • 100% green energy (France)
      • Production in consumer markets
      • Reduced water consumption
      • Low energy manufacturing process (Klam)
      • Optimized transport
      • ISO 14001 & amp; 50001








      • The products are 100% recyclable               
      • 50,000t of recycling / year:
        1. Production waste
        2. Waste collection facility
        3. End of life recovery program