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    Elegance - Hygiene
    Elegant aluminium finish handrail ideal for corridors or stairs

    • Modularity: 17 accessories, technical solutions for stairs and service ducts
    • Closer matched with the anodised profile and providing a continuous ‘easy to clean’ surface
    • Fight against bacteria thanks to bactericidal joints and antibacterial smooth material
    • Model: Escort anodised round handrail
    • Diameter: 40 mm
    • Length: 4 m
    • Overall projection: 80 mm or 90 mm
    • Stand-off from wall: 40 mm or 50 mm
    • Material: 10 micron satin silver anodised aluminium
    • Fixing components: 2-point self-locking brackets, satin silver anodised aluminium, screwed to wall at 1.20 m centres (0.80 m centres in heavy traffic areas and on light partitions like plasterboard)
    • Colours: Satin silver anodised. Coating on request


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