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More efficient installation

Innovative solutions to reduce the environmental impact of the installation

Our objective: 50% of products not glued down in 2025


In order to reduce VOC emissions from adhesives, we have developed innovative products that can be installed freely and without glue.
A triple benefit for unbonded installation:




In areas where gluing is still required, we recommend the use of solvent-free, low-VOC acrylic adhesives, certified EMICODE EC1 and EC1 PLUS.


Technical Opinions that guarantee the sustainability of our innovations

All innovative solutions marketed by Gerflor in France are subject to a Technical Opinion (TA) or ATEx (Technical Assessment of Experimentation) issued by the CSTB (Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment).
This Technical Notice or ATEX certifies the robustness and durability of the products or installation techniques offered by Gerflor. In contrast, CSTB products or installation solutions without a Technical Notice or ATEX are at higher risk of litigation, which most often results in the removal and disposal of the first floor and the installation of a new floor covering.


A pre-cutting service in the factory to reduce installation waste


Gerflor offers many customers a pre-cutting service on request, carried out in the factory before shipment.

This is the case, for example, of all the Sport products in the Taraflex range.
The products in rolls distributed by DIY stores and decoration specialists are also cut in our factories to the dimensions requested by the end customer.




Gerflor offers its automotive customers pre-cut and pre-adhesive flooring kits.
These kits, which are quicker to install, save manufacturers valuable time on their assembly lines.
They also allow Gerflor to recover and recycle installation waste even before the soil is shipped.


Healthy and quality spaces

VOC emissions up to 100 times lower than the standards

Improving indoor air quality

Most materials emit Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). With the population of developed countries now spending 90% of their time indoors, indoor air quality has become a major health issue. That is why we have reduced the VOC emissions of our products to levels up to 100 times lower than the standards.





All Gerflor products are A+ certified, which is the highest level of emissions for construction products.
Gerflor products are also Floorscore certified. Floorscore certification allows our customers to earn +1 additional point in the LEEDTM certification system.


Most of our best sellers emit less than 10 μg/m3

  • Senso
  • Creation
  • Virtuo
  • Taralay Premium
  • Taralay Impression
  • Mipolam




Strengthen floor & wall hygiene

As the world leader in hospital and medico-social floor coverings, Gerflor offers a complete range of products to improve floor and wall hygiene and reduce the risk of infections.


Anti-bacterial activity

All our heterogeneous (Protecsol®2, Protecsol® or Sparclean® treated PVC floor coverings) and homogeneous (EvercareTM treated PVC floor coverings) have an anti-bacterial activity of 99% according to the ISO standard.
All our linoleum floor coverings also have a natural anti-bacterial activity, thanks to the linseed oil and pine resin used in their manufacture.
The respect of the maintenance protocols of these soils allows to maintain this anti-bacterial activity over time.


Shower system

A complete Floor - Wall - Accessories system 100% waterproof under the Technical Notice of the CSTB.


Waterproof welding

Gerflor floor and wall coverings are hot-welded for perfect hygiene and waterproofing.


Baseboard mounted for better hygiene


The skirting board assembly facilitates cleaning in corners and at the floor/wall junction, while ensuring very good waterproofing.


Anti-bacterial handrails

To avoid contamination, SPM handrails are equipped with anti-bacterial seals.


Entry mats

Our ROMUS entrance mats prevent soil fouling and premature wear and tear from the moment you enter the building.



Acoustic comfort & Noise reduction 

Reduce noise by up to -20 dB


Noise is a major source of nuisance, which has a direct impact on comfort and quality of life, particularly in the housing, hotel, health and education sectors.

Almost all Gerflor ranges offer products in acoustic version, incorporating a foam or cork backing, in order to reduce:



QB UPEC A+ certification


This certification issued by the CSTB (Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment) certifies that floor coverings offer a minimum sound insulation of -15 dB.
All Gerflor acoustic products are QB UPEC A+ certified.



Gerflor has also developed a range of acoustic underlayments specifically for tiles and vinyl slats.



Visual comfort & Energy consumption



The floors reflect more or less light. This ability to reflect light is measured by the LRV (Light Reflectance Value) index. The higher the LRV index, the more the soil helps to reflect light. The lower the LRV index, the more the soil helps to reduce glare.


Brighter soils for lower energy consumption

A light floor reflects more light and helps to delay the switching on of artificial lighting: it is estimated that a light colour can reduce lighting energy consumption by up to 60% compared to a dark colour. With LRV values ranging from 6% to 86%, Gerflor offers a wide range of colours allowing architects to select the floor best suited to the lighting conditions and constraints of their projects.


Reduce the risk of accidents

The juxtaposition of colours with high-contrast LRV indices makes it easier to drive, better signals obstacles and reduces the risk of accidents, especially for people with impaired vision. This is why all our ranges of floors, wall protection and finishes offer a wide range of colours with LRV index deviations of more than 70%. The Taralay Digital Printing range even allows architects to customize and order the colours that best suit their project.



Duration of use

An average life span of 25 years

Sustainable soils over time

One way to contribute to sustainable development is to design and manufacture products that are durable over time. At Gerflor, we consider our products as goods durable equipment, including functional characteristics and aesthetics must be maintained over time. Whether they are made of PVC, linoleum, wood or polypropylene, our floor coverings are all extremely resistant.


Floors designed to resist

Wear and tear from walking is the first threat for a floor covering. Our ranges offer adapted products as well as intense pedestrian traffic (e.g. public building lobby), shops...) as well as regular mechanical traffic (e.g. trolleys, etc.) warehouse elevators).
Our floors are also designed to resist the aggressions of the environment in which they are laid: punching, scratches, chemical agents, temperature differences, humidity....




The linoleum floor DLW of the hotel of city of Bremen (Germany) is of origin: it has been posed in 1913!




Floors designed to reduce the impact of maintenance

Maintenance: a major environmental impact


Over the entire life cycle of a floor covering, maintenance alone accounts for 25% of the product's environmental impact. Maintenance generates significant consumption of water, energy and cleaning agents.



Revolutionary surface treatments


Gerflor Traitement Evercare En


Our various surface treatments protect the floor covering and avoid costly metallization* over the entire life of the product.
They offer better resistance to stains, facilitate maintenance and save water and detergent.