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  • COMMERCIAL Flooring
  • TARAFLEX® : new maple designs

    This has been possible thanks to our ability to find the unique combination of the right emboss, surface treatment and wood patterns.

    Get amazing wood designs with all the benefits of Taraflex® best point-elastic floor:


    New maple designs


    Even more realism under your feet...

    Could you believe this is not hardwood ?

    This ultra-realistic design simulates NBA most prestigious flooring, while reproducing our Connor Maple strips.

    Comparison Maple Sun Maple Connor Sport


    Discover our Taraflex® products

    Taraflex® Multi-Use

    • Sport and non-sport activities
    • P1 (25-35%)
    • CXP HD+ for resistance to indentation

    Taraflex® Comfort

    • Maximum comfort and safety
    • P3 unique on the market >45%
    • Protecsol® treatment

    Taraflex® Evolution

    • Sport for all
    • P1 (25-35%)
    • Protecsol® treatment

    Taraflex® Performance

    • Safety and performance
    • P2 (35-45%)
    • Protecsol treatment

    Taraflex® Surface

    • Ideal for rolling sports and heavy duty multipurpose usage
    • Protecsol® treatment


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