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Gerflor Picto Neocare Pt

NeocareTM is a new solvent-free surface protection developed exclusively for linoleum. Extremely hard wearing due to triple, laser uv cross-linking.

The result of Gerflor R&D expertise, giving DLW new collection outstanding technical features for a healthy and durable use, with easy cleaning and maintenance.





gerflor-indoor-air-quality-logo   INDOOR AIR QUALITY


  • Very low VOC emission
  • TVOC < 10 microgram/m3 after 28 days (ISO 16516)
  • Certified according to the most demanding standards

Ligne Logos Indoor Air Quality Fond Col


gerflor-mat-effect-logo  MATT EFFECT


Natural and contemporary design, emphasized through deep colours and no light reflection on the surface
  • Matt effect
  • Natural design


gerflor-easy-to-clean-logo  EASY TO CLEAN


  • Dirt and stain barrier
  • Cost effective maintenance
  • Easy cleaning with a mop or any modern cleaning equipment.
 Detailed cleaning protocol available on



The Neocare surface treatment prevents stains from penetrating the surface, making the floor easier to clean. It shows greater efficiency against very staining products, after 2hours and 24 hours.


Over time, the standard linoleum surface treatment does not prevent stains from entering the surface, causing both colour fading and difficulty in daily cleaning, as shown by testing after 2 hours and 24 hours.


gerflor-hygiene-logo   HYGIENE


  • Excellent resistance against disinfection chemicals
  • Antiviral and antibacterial activity
Gerflor surfaces contribute to lower the microbe load (bacteria, virus, …) and then contributes to minimize the risk of a contamination chain.


Tests conducted by a third part lab (Virhealth) according to ISO 21702 standard, prove that DLW Linoleum with Neocare™ have antiviral activity against Human Coronaviruses : our surfaces reduce the number of virus by 98,65% after 5h.
The implementation of an effective cleaning method is the best defense against infection.


Tests conducted by a third part lab (Isega) according to ISO 22196 / JIS Z 2801 standard, prove that DLW Linoleum with Neocare™ surface treatment have antibacterial activity against E.coli – S.aureus – MRSA : our surfaces inhibit growth of bacteria by 99,9% after 24h.The implementation of an effective cleaning method is the best defense against infection.


gerflor-durable-logo   DURABLE


  • No sealing and waxing needed
  • Higher scratch resistance.
  • Easy to repair
In case of heavily damaged flooring, DLW linoleum can be easily repaired using the spray buffing method (red disk).


NEOCARE™ is a high performing surface treatment protecting against dirt, stains and scratches and does not require any sealing & waxing throughout the life of the product.
Waxing remains an option (black disk).






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