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  • Commercial Flooring
  • Multilayered compact

Commercial flooring - Heterogeneous Compact

  • Transparent wear layer with printed design, highest durability.
  • Suitable for high traffic areas (0.7 mm wear layer thickness)
  • Compact backing with fiber glass reinforced layer, which improves the sustainability of indentation performances and easy rolling.
  • Protecsol® Surface Treatment (easy maintenance & no wax)
  • No DOP, no heavy-metal, no benzene, no formaldehyde & 100% compliant with REACH, friendly to health and environment
  • Available in 2.0 and 2.6mm thickness


  1. Protecsol® surface treatment
  2. Transparent wear layer
  3. Printed design
  4. Fiber glass reinforced layer
  5. Compact calendered back layer
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Results : 58

Design Type
Decor name
0402 Chinon Light

Format : Rolls

0403 Chinon Honey

Format : Rolls

0503 Fontenay Honey

Format : Rolls

0504 Fontenay Cream

Format : Rolls

0505 Fontenay Brown

Format : Rolls

0506 Fontenay Exotic

Format : Rolls

0601 Azur

Format : Rolls

0603 Sand

Format : Rolls

0606 Gris

Format : Rolls

0607 Fumee

Format : Rolls

0608 Pastel

Format : Rolls

0611 Pearl

Format : Rolls

0612 Saphire

Format : Rolls

0614 Inulin

Format : Rolls

0615 Verdure

Format : Rolls

0616 Beige

Format : Rolls


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Taralay Emotion - Brochure
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Taralay Emotion - Card
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Taralay Emotion - Technical Datasheet
124 Ko
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Taralay Emotion - Product description
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Declaration of Performance
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Taralay Emotion 2.0mm - DoP
720 Ko
Taralay Emotion 2.6mm - DoP
722 Ko


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