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Smart solution for sports competitions and light multiuse activities

  • Sports Flooring
  • Vinyl Sports Floors - Taraflex®

Product & design

  • Class C3 and >45% shock absorption: high level of performance and safety for players at all levels
  • High-density surface with 900 kg/m3 HDF: resistance to impact, static and rolling loads
  • PUR PROTECT® surface treatment: easy and cost effective maintenance
  • CXP closed cell foam, reinforced with a glass grid: stability, durability and performance
  • Offset double-layer structure that enables a full assembly coverage: solidity, stability and superior resistance to static and rolling loads
  • Wide ranges of designs for an ultra-realistic wood aspect
  • Full range of associated accessories


  • Looselay installation of Subflex
  • Glued installation of Recreation 60
  • No need to sand or treat joints before surface flooring installation: easy installation
  • Subfloor delivered by panels: easy handling by one person
  • Easy to fix

Market application

  • High level of performance: ideal for sport practice
  • Recreation 60 endorsed by many international federations
  • Resistance to light weight: can be used occasionnally for multiuse activities


  • Made in France: reduction of the carbon impact of transport
  • TVOC after 28 days < 100 micrograms/m3 : excellent indoor air quality
  • 100% recyclable: second life
  • 100% compatible with REACH requirements, formaldehyde free: health and safety
  1. Recreation 60
  2. 18.8 mm HDF panels
  3. 15 mm high density foam
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Results : 10

Design Type
Decor name
2402 Azul

Format : Rolls

2711 Gris

Format : Rolls

6058 American Oak

Format : Rolls

6062 Canadian Maple

Format : Rolls

6154 Roja

Format : Rolls

6157 Rosa

Format : Rolls

6160 Naranja

Format : Rolls

6556 Verde

Format : Rolls

6563 Menta

Format : Rolls

6614 Oceano

Format : Rolls


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Technical datasheets
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Subflex Recreation 60 - Technical Datasheet
108 Ko
Installation guidelines sport
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709 - Installation Guidelines - Subflex Sub-construction
291 Ko

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