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  • Commercial Flooring
  • Homogeneous Flooring
  • Evercare™ surface treatment=>Improved resistance to scratching and scuffing, excellent cleaning characteristics. No wax is needed after installation.
  • Palette of 18 directionnal colours
  • TVOC after 28 days < 10µg/m3 => indoor air quality
  1. Evercare™ Treatment
  2. Monolayer homogeneous flooring, pressed and calendered


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and colours

Results : 18

Design Type
1002 Beige

Format : Rolls

1003 Light Ocre

Format : Rolls

1004 Earth

Format : Rolls

1006 Blue

Format : Rolls

1007 Green

Format : Rolls

1009 Light Grey

Format : Rolls

1010 Grey

Format : Rolls

1032 Yellow

Format : Rolls

1033 Brown

Format : Rolls

1035 Ocre

Format : Rolls

1036 Medium Blue

Format : Rolls

1037 Medium Green

Format : Rolls

1040 Dark Grey

Format : Rolls

1055 Apricot

Format : Rolls

1056 Dark Blue

Format : Rolls

1057 Dark Green

Format : Rolls


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Mipolam Troplan Plus - Card
1,79 Mo
Technical datasheets
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Mipolam Troplan Plus - Technical Datasheet
81 Ko
Maintenance instruction by product
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110 - Maintenance instructions of homogeneous Evercare treated floors
2,1 Mo
Homogeneous PUR treated floors - Maintenance instruction
140 Ko
Declaration of Performance
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Mipolam Troplan Plus - DoP
715 Ko


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