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  • Anti viral surfaces - Gerflor Solutions against coronavirus
  • Anti-viral surfaces: 99,7% of human coronavirus eliminated after 2 hours!

    Infected persons cough or sneeze producing droplets that are sprayed onto their surroundings and on different surfaces. First points of attention are high-touch surfaces like handrails or wall surfaces. 

    There is another surface we need to pay attention to…: the floors !  When infected persons cough or sneeze, some droplets land on the floor.

    Cross contamination risk is increased especially when :

    Taking off our shoes
    Using handbags we have put on the floor
    Using wheelchairs


    Since surfaces are vectors of cross contamination, Gerflor worked in partnership with Virhealth, an independent laboratory, expert in virology.
    It turns out that the durability of viruses on surfaces can vary from a few hours to a few days depending on the type of material.

    Gerflor surfaces have been tested according to the ISO 21702 standard with very positive results.

    Floors: number of virus reduced by 99,7%

    Gerflor floors treated with Evercare® or Protecsol® 2 have anti viral activity against Human Coronaviruses : they reduce the number of virus by 99,7% after 2h00. DLW Linoleum treated with Neocare™ also have anti viral activity against Human Corona viruses: they reduce the number of virus by 98,65% after 5 hours.

    Handrails: number of virus reduced by 99,9%

    SPM Lineatouch handrails have anti viral activity against Human Coronaviruses : they reduce the number of virus by 99,9% after 2h00.

    ISO 21702 is a norm to test antiviral activity on plastic and other non porous surfaces. It defines a standard testing protocol with 90% humidity, 20° temperature, after 24h00.


    Tests conducted by a third part lab (Virhealth) according to ISO21702 standard, prove that the percentage of human coronavirus on our surfaces decreases very quickly and is almost completely eliminated after only 2 hours.

    Gerflor floors with Evercare surface treatment

    SPM Linea'Touch handrails



    Gerflor the hygiene specialist

    Leading supplier of floor and wall surfaces for healthcare or cleanroom applications, Gerflor has always worked in partnership with ultra cleanliness and hygiene specialists. Since coronavirus pandemy happened, we have immediately contacted virologists to analyse coronavirus behavior on different surfaces and try to understand how coronavirus spreads.


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