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Inspirations Project GalleryKindergarten in Austria

Kindergarten in Austria

Location: Sidonie, Austria

Sqm: 420

Year: 2021


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DLW Linoleum – frequently asked for Kindergarten. Why?

Linoleum ist the most sustainable resilient floor from 98% natural ingredients and is awarded with the most important international eco labels.

DLW Linoleum offers 159 colours for creative scopes for design, in this case for colourful landmarks for our little ones.

Inlaid linoleum is not only useful but also an eye catcher and – flooring work at its best.

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360 m² DLW Marmorette, 0146 Beeswax Beige
60 m² DLW Marmorette, 0130 Antique Green

Inlays :

DLW Marmorette 

  • 0072 Golden Yellow
  • 0045 Sand Beige
  • 0118 Chili Red
  • 0026 Sky Blue
  • 0117 Mandarin Orange
  • 0172 Papaya Orange
  • 0073 Spicy Orange

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