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COMMERCIAL Flooring Slip Resistant Flooring

Paying a major concern to safety, Gerflor has designed a large palette of anti slip floor coverings for use in an array of environments. Thanks to special surface treatments, our company have succeeded in developing high-quality non slip vinyl flooring products which boast increased resistance to skidding. 

Gerflor have a range of safety flooring solutions available which have slip resistant properties. Enhanced slip resistance is achieved by increasing the friction between the foot and the floor. The secret to our non slip vinyl flooring is a dense concentration of deep inlaid anti slip particles throughout the wear layer. This means that the properties are guaranteed for the life of the product, as aggregates are not simply added as a top coating which could wear off over time, they are inherent within the whole product. 

Since they are available in a broad range of colours and patterns, our non slip flooring offers you a greater choice of designs and styles. 

Slip Resistance Ratings

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has a rating system for floor surfaces, it advises and recommends using flooring that meets floor slip ‘R Ratings’ for environments where shod feet are found. Gerflor’s Tarasafe range includes products with Anti slip performance R10-R12 dependant on your specific needs. 

Anti Slip Vinyl Flooring Products

Gerflor’s safety range is known as Tarasafe. Offering a number of benefits Tarasafe is constructed from vinyl and reinforced with a glass fibre grid. Deeply inlaid mineral crystal particles and coloured chips offer a brighter more decorative design. With slip resistance R ratings from R10 to R12 and a high wear resistance rating of T the Tarasafe range meets HSE guidelines for safety flooring. Find out more about individual Tarasafe products below: 


Our anti slip floors, such as the Tarasafe ranges, are used in several applications, including healthcare, education, industry, housing, retirement homes, offices, restaurants, hotels, etc.

To enquire about any slip resistant products please contact us.