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  • Walls
  • Door Protection

Suitable for food-handling areas - Protection - Easy cleaning - High localised impacts
Stainless steel protection for wall and door in heavy traffic corridors or food-handling areas or targeted protection of the door with the Contact plate against abrasion and repeated impacts

  • Stainless steel approved for food handling areas
  • High mechanical and corrosion resistance
  • Shock absorption due to ribbing reinforcement
  • Easy cleaning due to smooth non-porous surface

Bs2d0 - Moderate traffic - 100% antibacterial - Sustainable formulation

Technical description

Model: Plac’Inox protection plate or Contact adhesive protection plate

  • Height: 350 mm, 200 mm or as required (1.25 m maximum)
  • Length: 4 m or as required (2.50 m maximum)
  • Thickness: 10/10th mm or 2.5 mm
  • Material: Stainless steel - approved for food handling areas or  Antibacterial and Bs2d0 fire-rated PVC, solid colour
  • Fixing: Adhesive bonding with SPM mastic-glue or adhesive foam strips reinforced with SPM universal mastic glue
  • Surface finish: Brushed metal or smooth with decorative grooves
  • Colours: Inox, 15 standard or 31 standard
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