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COMMERCIAL Flooring Loose Lay Vinyl Flooring

Loose lay vinyl flooring has developed to reduce installation time and allow access to underfloor utilities. Under the right conditions these tiles can be placed on the subfloor without any adhesive. This helps to make them an easy installation option for anyone and everyone. We offer a range of loose lay floors for both commercial settings and domestic properties.

GTI Connect is a new generation of removable loose lay interlocking vinyl flooring tile. It is ideal for creating zoning and safety areas. Easy maintenance is achieved with PUR+ surface treatment and is highly resistant to heavy traffic (heavy loads, forklift trucks). Attraction is another commercial loose lay vinyl flooring suited for high traffic areas. It makes renovation easy with absolutely no loss in turnover during the installation (no need to close down premises during installation). PUR+ surface treatment makes maintenance incredibly easy and its available in 13 trendy colours too.

The Creation 55 & 70 Clic Systems are the perfect designer loose lay flooring systems. Countless designs are available with both wood and tile effects. This makes it suitable for a number of different applications. With no glue needed easy and quick installation is achieved seamlessly. Heightened acoustic properties are achieved with impact sound insulation 12dB lower than laminate flooring. It is also 100% recyclable and REACH compliant. They are also perfectly adapted for renovation with no subfloor needed even on ceramic tiles.

Gerflor’s Loose Lay Flooring Solutions: