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COMMERCIAL Flooring Contemporary Vinyl Flooring

When looking to create a contemporary feel in an interior space the flooring is a crucial factor in rounding off the design. Whether this be harnessing the sleek feel of concrete or using the natural beauty of wood vinyl flooring is the perfect solution for creating a contemporary feel. 

Commercial Contemporary Flooring

As well as in the home there are many commercial applications where contemporary vinyl flooring may be a perfect fit. For example both the retail and hospitality markets are often looking to specify contemporary finishes for their interiors. Gerflor have worked in these markets for many years supplying a range of vinyl solutions. 

Products like the award winning Creation 70 luxury vinyl tiles, which has a wide range of 58 designs including both wood and mineral, lend themselves perfectly to these environments. Various embossed designed are available which bring more realism and more resistance to our designs. 

Commercial Products:

Residential Contemporary Flooring

Gerflor have an array of contemporary vinyl flooring options which designers or home owners can utilise within interior spaces to really add a wow factor. The benefits of using a contemporary flooring solution like vinyl is that almost any finish can be incorporated so the possibilities are endless. Beyond the aesthetics of Gerflor’s high quality flooring is also an array of practical benefits including easy maintenance, fantastic acoustic qualities and warmth underfoot. 

Residential products:

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