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Product-range Taralay Millenium Comfort

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The alternative inlaid solution for high traffic areas

Product & Design:
•   1 mm wearlayer with no filler: color intensity
•    Inlaid designs: long lasting aspect
•    Double fiber grid reinforcement => Dimensional Stability
•    Very high density foam: 17dB sound insulation
•    Available in Compact and Acoustic version
•    Protecsol® mat surface treatment: Matt Effect

Installation & Maintenance:
•    No filler in the wear layer: easy to cut and to cove
•    Compatible with isolsport underlayer : possible installation on wet / dirty / asbestos subfloors
•    Compatible with Clean Corner System: easy to cove and durable watertightness

Market application:
•    Good abrasion and scratch resistance : ideal for high trafic application (healthcare, industry, education, ...)
•    Easy to cove, weld and compatible with the Clean Corner System : perfect for areas where watertighness is a must
•    Good antiviral and antibacterial comportment : suitable for healthcare application

•    TVOC after 28 days < 10 micrograms/m3: very good indoor air quality
•    100% recyclable : preservation of the ressources
•     Made in France: reduced CO2 footprint of transport
•    100% REACH compliant, formaldehyde free : Health and safety

1. Protecsol® mat surface treatment
2. 1 mm pure PVC wearlayer
3. Fiber grid + compact backing
4. VHD foam + Fiber grid

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4036 Vesta

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4159 Kalliope

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4368 Astree

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4372 Boree

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4533 Ceres

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5718 Pallas

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5720 Thia

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5724 Chicago

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5725 Freia

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8645 Bianca

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Taralay Millenium - Brochure
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Taralay Millenium Comfort - Technical Datasheet
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Product description
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Taralay Millenium Comfort - Product description
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Fire certificate
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Taralay Millenium Comfort - Fire Certificate
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Installation guidelines contract
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301 - Installation Guidelines - Homogeneous & Compact multilayered rolls - Laying techniques
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Declaration of Performance
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Taralay Millenium Confort - DoP
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