COMMERCIAL News / Handicap International associates with Gerflor!

Handicap International associates with Gerflor!


During the year, Gerflor equips the sport courts of various competitions for disabled people and provides some sport floorings for the Paralympic Games in Rio.

For the start of the school year, Gerflor associates with Handicap International France to help cover children's schoolbooks with the Kit Plio.

For each kit Plio, 1 euro is donated to Handicap International !

Gerflor also took part to the "shoes pyramid" animation in Lyon by lending and installing some temporary courts for the practice of wheelchair sports.

This event aims at collecting money for disabled people who were victims of mines during wars and takes place in several big cities throughout France.

For the record, Handicap International is an independant association located in Lyon,  involved in international solidarity.

Handicap International acts in situations of poverty and exclusion, of conflicts and catastrophes.

Gerflor and Handicap International are partners of the next World Handball Championship that will take place in France in 2017.

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Regimental Picadilly - Exclusive Edition ~ #Gerflor #floor #flooring #interiordesign #homedesign #homedecor #decoration #pattern
Regimental Picadilly - Exclusive Edition ~ #Gerflor #floor #flooring #interiordesign #homedesign #homedecor #decoration #pattern