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dasPaul, Restaurant Nürnberg

Nürnberg, Germany

300 m²


Hospitality > Hotel

300 sqm of Creation 55 X'Press - colour Ranch - installed at the Café-Restaurant-Hotel "Das Paul" in Nurremberg.

Paul Breitner, Paul Young, Paul VI, Paul Hogan, Paul Bocuse, Jean-Paul Belmondo... what do they have in common ? Well they all have a "Paul" in their names, they are the famous "Pauls".

The Café-Restaurant Das Paul located in the heart of Nuremberg has come up with this unusual concept!

Das Paul is a restaurant that boasts a strong identity. Cosmopolitan and homely, trendy and urban, all those features are gathered in one place and will make your stay an exquisite experience. A place where you feel like staying, relaxing and enjoying; either to meet some friends or business partners.

The atmosphere is stylish, a mixture of black steel elements and solid wood furniture. The flooring greatly contributes to the style and atmosphere of the place, bringin a touch of warmth.

Our LVT Creation 55 X'Press was the perfect solution for the project :

  • in term of design (a realistic wood decor in harmony with the massiv wood furniture)
  • in term of ease and speed of installation


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